The story of the bottle’s label

This historic photograph symbolizes the launching of wine production in 1928. This took place on a site on Weinbergweg in Strass, which is today the location of the Weixelbaum vineyard. The production of wine by Weixelbaum’s ancestors in Strass dates back to 1770. They began in the center of the town. Weixelbaum’s grandfather built in the period between the two World Wars a small house, in which he made wine, had a horse and cart, and managed the cultivation of his fields. The friend shown on the photograph was fond, by the way, of doing more than drinking wine. He was also the one who decorated the wood barrels with carvings. These barrels are still being used in the old “cellar of barrels”. Upon taking over operations from his father, Heinz Weixelbaum’s father decided to exclusively specialize in producing wine. He started out with 10 hectares under cultivation. Heinz has by now expanded this to 22 hectares. Heinz produced the first wine of his own in 1996. While searching for a new label for his wine, he came across this old photograph, thus bringing matters full circle. This link between traditions and modernity and between values of culture and cultivation is expressed in the WAHRE WERTE line of wines.