prize-winning and family-owned


Its 22 hectares rank the Weixelbaum Winery in the middle in size of the family-owned operations in Strass, a town located in Lower Austria’s wine region. Ninety percent of Weixelbaum’s production is white wines, 10% red wines. One third of the wine produced is exported, with the main markets being Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and USA. The winery has received a number of awards. This success is due to a perfect interplay between advanced technologies and ecological principles, and to the maintenance of traditional values.

The professionalism and the passion with which the winery is operated is expressed in the guiding principle of Heinz Weixelbaum:

"To produce wines that I love to drink, and that I love to watch others enjoying them."

Since 2000, the winery has been led by Gabi and Heinz Weixelbaum, the third generation of the family of the same name. Heinz is responsible for entire production, starting with the cultivation of the vineyards and extending to the vinification. His wife Gabi is responsible for marketing, sales and accounting. The two of them take turns presenting the wines and going on sales tours. Heinz’s mother still very much helps cultivate the vineyards.

She is joined in doing so by other family members and friends, with this especially being the case in the work-intensive seasons of spring and summer. Their joining in enhances the joy of cultivation. It also guarantees that the cultivation will feature the requisite care and flexibility.

The size of the operation requires the permanent employment of a staff member in the vineyard and the cellars. Should such be needed, helpers are hired on a seasonal basis to do the manual work in the vineyards.