the principle of gravity


The Weixelbaum family's insistence on maintaining high quality in its vineyard is to be seen in the wine cellars. The winepress house was revamped in 2010 to be state-of-technology. In the house, the grapes harvested by hand are sent by gravity down the three-store processing system. The grapes then land in one of the two pneumatic tank presses. This enables the flexible responding to the amount of grapes, and to produce grape juice in a gentle – using a maximum of 1.5 bar - way.

The new winepress house joins the tank cellar that was modernized in 2008 in creating a way of individually processing even the smallest of the batches. Computer-controlled stainless steel tanks featuring cooling jackets have been used since 2008 to process white wines. This equipment enables a controlled fermenting.

The light wines are fermented and stored exclusively in steel tanks prior to being filled in bottles. The somewhat stronger vintage wines are aged longer on the yeast. The "Wahre Werte" (true values) line of products features a targeting of the contact with the yeast. This is partially extended by storing the wine in large wooden barrels.

Further innovations are the fermenting tanks, each holding up to 5,000 liters of red wine. In these, the fermenting is performed using an inundation system.

The maintenance of a proprietary bottling system enables the highly flexible and quick handling of special customer wishes.