adhering to the laws of nature


The Weixelbaum family places a high priority on cultivating its vineyards in a way according with the needs of nature, with which it is thus compatible. This protection of nature starts with the green manuring of the vineyards. To achieve this, a mix of seeds is put together to meet the needs of the ground, and then sown. The result of this sowing is a blossoming of senfdotters, phacelia, fennel, various kinds of clover and other plants. These are located between the grapevines. The plants are beautiful to look at. They also constitute the ideal habitat for bees and other useful insects. The objective is the holistic cultivation of the vineyard and of its soil, so to ensure and sustain the high quality of the grapes. The pruning of the leaves in the vineyard is done by hand, and is thus carried out in a highly nature-compatible way. This close relationship to nature yields the great advantage of enabling the quick and efficient response to the unusual events and upheavals brought each year by climate and weather.