unmistakably from Kamptal


Types of grapes
Grüner Veltliner Riesling Zweigelt Sauvignon Blanc Pinot Blanc Roter Veltliner Chardonnay

The Grüner Veltliner is the most widely-planted and important type of wine grape in Austria. The grape offers the largest range of tastes, ranging from sprightly and pungent to mineralistic and exotic. The geology and climate of the Kamptal area yield the unmistakable character of the wines produced in it.

Riesling can best realize its potential when grown on the Kamptal's soils, which are comprised of weather-processed primary rocks. These soils give the wine its unmistakable and understated minerality, which melds with its gentle stone fruit and citrus aromas. This synergy of minerality and delicate fruity acids gives the Riesling a long potential for storage.

This type of grape stems from France and has a striking and unmistakable taste. This can vary from yellow and red peppers to elderberry blossoms, white gooseberries and red or black currants, with these depending upon the year and area of cultivation.

This Burgundy type of grape has a taste reminiscent of nuts. It also has aromas of apples, citrus and acacia blossoms. This is a wine that reaches its potential in the fullness of its years and thus not in its youth. It according needs a length of time of maturing in barrels or bottles.

The Roter Veltliner belongs to the Veltliner family of wines. It has a taste featuring a fine pungency and acidity. This type of wine grape grows especially well on the loess and clay soils found in the Kamptal. No wonder that the Kamptal is one of the main regions for the growing of this rather rare and very tasty type of grape.

The Chardonnay is exceptionally suited for maturing in wood barrels. This is, however, not a must. The results are wines with an elegance and a harmony of tastes reminiscent of ripe apples, pineapple and quinces.

The Zweigelt is a mix of the Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent types of grapes. The Zweigelt is one of Austria's most beloved kinds of red wine. This is due to its dark red color and to its scent and taste, which remind one of sweet and sour cherries.